Wavin Ekoplastik’s basalt pipe has been improved with oxygen barrier

A pipe called FIBER BASALT is an upgraded version of FIBER BASALT PLUS with a basalt fiber reinforced PP-RCT polypropylene layer. These materials improve the hydraulic and operational performance of the products and increase resistance to high temperature and high pressure.

A newly developed FIBER BASALT OXY pipe is composed of four layers including an inner basalt fiber reinforced PP-RCT polypropylene layer combined with an oxygen barrier. Such a structure prevents oxygen from penetrating in the pipe and is mainly designed for central and high-temperature heating.

Wavin Ekoplastik first introduced FIBER BASALT pipes in 2013 as a result of a three-year research. FIBER BASALT OXY was presented at the winter exhibition Aquatherm Moscow in February this year.

Industries: General society, Oil & Gas

Terms: Pipes

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