Geologists assessed the capacity of the Novodvorsk basalt deposit in Belarus

According to the preliminary assessment, a capacity of newly discovered basalt deposit exceeds 30 million tons. It is located near the village of Novy Dvor in Pinsk district of the Brest region.

The most attractive for exploitation is a site located to the south of Novy Dvor, where basalts lie at a depth of 45-60 meters, with a basalt formation thickness of 20-25 meters.

V. Dashkevich, a leading geologist of the Belarusian Complex Exploration Expedition, says:

Basalts are widely distributed in the Brest region. A huge trap basalt field is located to the west of Ivatsevichi – Ivanovo and to the borders with Poland and Ukraine lying at depths ranging from 70 to 200-500 meters. Almost the entire south of the Brest region is basalt.

The Head of Department for Geology of the Ministry of Nature Resources of Belarus, Sergei Mamchik, emphasizes in a recent interview that favorable geological conditions in the Pinsk region allow starting the exploitation in the coming years.

Today, several Belarusian enterprises produce basalt fiber products and materials. For example, the renewed product range of JSC Polotsk-Steklovolokno includes several types of basalt mesh, rebar, and basalt composite pipes.

At the same time, raw materials have to be transported mainly from the neighboring regions of Ukraine, where basalt rocks comes to the surface enabling its extraction by open mining. Last year Belarus discussed the possibility to start developing local basalt deposits.

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