Hunt releases bike wheels with Basalt Ceramic Fiber brake-track

Basalt Ceramic Fiber brake-track offers increased braking on long descents and high durability, the company informs.

Britain located Hunt Bike Wheels has developed a new tubular wheel especially to the BIKE Channel Canyon professional race team for its race campaign against the high-level pro teams.

The bicyclists needed durable tubular rims as they provide the ability for the riders to keep rolling whilst waiting for the service car in the event of a puncture. So Hunt offered a wide tubular wheel and Basalt Ceramic Fiber brake-track.

The research of basalt fiber reinforced ceramic composites conducted by NASA and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the University of Central Florida demonstrated that this material is able to handle higher temperatures, and is a high-strength material suitable for aerospace applications.


Companies: NASA

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Sports & Leisure

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