Russian national standard for mineral wool materials comes into operation in July

The national standard “Heat-insulating materials and products”, which specifies the method for determining the characteristics and durability of mineral wool materials, will come into operation on July 1, 2017.

Standardizing the procedure will enable people on the projects to consider operational properties and service life of insulating materials, relying on a single regulatory framework for all producers.

The standard defines the notion “effective service life”, that is, a period of time during which the material keeps its design thermal insulation performance. The period of effective life service is calculated in years and established according to the laboratory tests data.

Vladimir Vasiliev from PAROC stresses that: “until today the Russian Federation did not have a normative document specifying a method for determining the effective service life of mineral wool insulation materials.” Therefore, the issue of permissible service life and thermophysical characteristics remained undecided. At the same time, using the example of Europe, we can assert that service life of mineral wool insulation reaches 50 years or more.

Today’s mineral wool market is estimated as 47-48% of the total Russian thermal insulation market. According to the experts, a new standard will force manufacturers of cheap thermal insulation to improve the quality of their products in order to comply with the new GOST.

Companies: PAROC

Industries: Construction

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