Basalt mesh performance for seismic protection of buildings was checked in Italy

Panel specimens reinforced with steel and basalt mesh were tested on a special device that simulates earth tremors with a magnitude of 6 points. Earthquakes of exactly this magnitude have been occurring in Italy for the last 15 years.

Tufa panel reinforced with mesh proved to be the strongest. According to the scientists, this experimental research is important for Italy, as the country has a lot of buildings that need to be strengthened in case of an earthquake. Lack of standards regulating these technologies application hinders their widespread use.

Basalt mesh can be used to strengthen walls made of any material type, scientists stress. It is equally suitable for Turkey, where there are many concrete structures, and the countries of South America, which need to find methods of strengthening walls made of compacted soil and adobe. And the Italians can use this chance to protect the ancient monuments of architecture.

Last year Moscow Composite Cluster informed that a few major Moscow developers started to use basalt fiber mesh to increase the durability of masonry and improve the thermal efficiency of external walls.

Companies: Moscow Composite Cluster

Countries: Italy, Turkey

Industries: Construction

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