Recycled Recoboard from Diab used as base for Maltese plugs

Providing cutting-edge technology, products and services, Maltese is a manufacturer of plugs and molds for the Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) industry, especially within marine applications.

The company, with its head office in Naples, Italy, believes in a careful choice of materials. With extensive experience and a passion for boatbuilding, Maltese’s products form an international benchmark in the industry. Thanks to innovative technologies that allow for quickly made molds, it is possible for shipbuilders to decide the design of a complete boat hull and deck in a very short time. The models can be checked for flaws before the shipbuilder invests in a high-volume mold, hence saving time and money.

Maltese is already using core material from Diab for its production of composites molds, so the company decided to try a new kind of material for its plug production. The project was focused on the substitution of a standard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam material. The core product formed the base of the plug, but Maltese wanted to try to replace it with a more sustainable product that could easily be recycled. Diab, through its distributor Chimpex Industriale, proposed the Recoboard.

“We started to cooperate with Diab experts directly in this project and our joint focus was sustainability,” says Mr Palombo, General Manager at Maltese.

Maltese used blocks of Recoboard and glued them together to create a cubic structure. The large cube was subsequently trimmed with CNC machinery to ensure the correct geometry of the plug. When the base had been trimmed to exact measurement, structural paste for the plugs were spread on top and trimmed again to reach a high-quality finishing gloss.

The goal to achieve a more sustainable product was successful, but the recycled material turned out to offer other advantages as well, such as superior stiffness and stability.

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