Aerospace Technology Forum to boost UK-China partnership

Recently, the University of Nottingham Aerospace Technology Forum was held at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Addressing the theme of drawing up a blueprint for aerospace industry development and optimising industry structure, the forum aimed to promote the UK-China partnership of aerospace technology in Ningbo to cultivate talents and seek for more Industry - Academy - Research opportunities.

In the greeting banquet before the forum, Mr. Qiu Dongyao, Mayor of Ningbo, expressed the gratitude to the University of Nottingham and UNNC for long-term support for the economic and social development of Ningbo. He believes that “the Aerospace Technology Forum will enhance the development of aerospace industry of Ningbo”.

In this forum, Professor Sir David Greenway, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham pointed out the tacit recognition of UNNC’s research achievements in marine economy and aerospace from its establishment in 2004. He added that  further business cooperation between famous international enterprises including Rolls-Royce, Airbus and GE would continue. “In order to coordinate with the Made in China 2025 Strategy, the University of Nottingham and UNNC are gearing up for the Institute of Aerospace Technology.” says Professor Sir David Greenway.

The unveiling ceremony of UNNC-ACC Joint Laboratory in Sustainable Composite Materials was also held in this forum. This joint lab will focus on the research of the manufacturing technology of composite materials, several cooperate research projects including recycling technology of carbon fiber composite materials, the application of thermoplastic composite materials in the civil aircraft and fire-prevention technology in aerospace composites.


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