Harper and Ferrite form relationship for microwave solutions for industrial material processing

Harper International, a company specialized in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, and Ferrite Microwave Technologies, LLC (FMT), the premier global provider of 915 MHz industrial microwave systems, announced their forming of a strategic relationship.

Harper and Ferrite form relationship for microwave solutions for industrial material processing
Harper will utilize FMT’s high power microwave heating technology to complement its product portfolio of traditional gas and electric fired furnaces, enabling its customers with access to a broader range of options and the expertise of two recognized industry leaders.

FMT has several patented microwave technologies that enable advanced microwave field distribution across a wide variety of materials. Harper will integrate FMT’s unique heating technology into its furnace systems. Since commercial  microwave use requires material specific equipment, matching the engineering and design capabilities of FMT with Harper’s furnace systems will provide customers a distinct advantage for their unique processing requirements.

Charles Miller, President at Harper, commented:

“Our cooperation with FMT is aligned with our commitment to provide customers with the ideal thermal processing method for their material production. Microwave can be a highly efficient and effective solution for a range of materials including ceramic and metal powders. To provide our customers with an expanded solution set via world class microwave components inside our proven furnace systems is a winning combination.”

“Teaming up with Harper gives us access to material processing capabilities and expertise that will enable us to solve more complex heating problems for our customers. At FMT, we constantly strive to advance the science of industrial  microwave processing. Partnerships with industry leaders like Harper open up new avenues of advancement that are very exciting.” said Mr. Peter Tibbetts, CEO, FMT.

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