The CT Engineering Group to provide developments for Airbus

The CT Engineering Group to develop designs concepts for the complete fuselage, wings, and power plant of new Airbus’ aircraft. The CT Engineering Group has been supporting Airbus in its research and technology for 15 years.

The CT Engineering Group will perform research and technology engineering services for the airframes of Airbus’ aircraft. With this multiyear contract Airbus reaffirms its trust in The CT Engineering Group, following 15 years of successful collaboration. CT will continue to provide design & stress engineering services for the complete fuselage, wings and power plant related structure of Airbus’ aircraft.

The engineering undertakings are focused on the research of new developments for aeronautical structures, efficiency of new materials, and system installations using 3D modeling. In addition to new design solutions and stress analyses, the new technologies to be integrated into Airbus’ latest aircraft models will be tested for viability.

“These engineering activities are going to bring solutions to the issue of feasibility, and improve both efficiency and outputs”, explains Francisco Marín, Key Account Manager of The CT Engineering Group. “They will outline the future of structures and components in Airbus’ aircraft.”

The CT Engineering Group’s global presence enables these engineering services. In Getafe (Spain) research on the rear end will be carried out; Hamburg (Germany) will perform research on the rear end as well as the fuselage and wings; Toulouse (France) will work on the fuselage and power plant related structures; Bristol (United Kingdom) will focus on developing the wings.

The CT Engineering Group is part of Airbus’ selected group of preferred engineering suppliers worldwide. In 2016, CT renewed its certificate as Engineering Strategic Suppliers (E2S) and in 2014 renewed its certificate as Manufacturing Engineering Services Strategic Suppliers (ME3S).

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