TechnoNICOL is going to fill European greenhouses with mineral wool substrate

This year the company is planning to produce 32.5 thousand cubic meters of a mineral wool substrate for greenhouses, and to export at least 8 thousand cubic meters. This exceeds by 35% the export supplies in 2016 when 6 thousand cubic meters of the mineral wool substrate was shipped to the foreign customers.

TechnoNICOL is going to ramp up the export volumes primarily due to broadening the importing countries’ list, the company’s press service reports. Last year they exported the mineral wool substrate to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Bulgaria. In 2017 the company intends to start deliveries also to the Baltic countries, the Balkan Peninsula, Spain, Germany, and Cyprus.

At present TechnoNICOL sells vegetation mats and blocks for growing seedlings under the brand SPELAND. The company is confident that the gained experience in the manufacture of hydroponics substrate using modern technologies will enable TechnoNICOL to win new markets.

Mineral wool substrates are included in the products range of their plant in Rostov Oblast. For the near future it is planned the modernization of the TECHNO plant in a city of Ryazan. This facility will be able to produce the artificial soil for 1200 hectares of greenhouses annually when the works are finished.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Spain

Industries: Agriculture

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