Tests confirm that stone wool is a fire safe solution

Stone wool structures turned out to be the most fireproof of 40 composite roofing samples, selected for testing by experts from ROCKWOOL. To examine they used the procedure specified in GOST 30403-2012 Building structures. Fire hazard test method.

The laboratory tests proved that only three roofing pies of 40 submitted samples were fireproof. Two samples of stone wool turned out to be the safest:

  • XPS (50 mm) plus two layers of stone wool;
  • stone wool plus bitumen insulation.

High fire resistance of stone wool insulation materials is due to the non-flammability of stone wool produced from basalt fiber capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1500°С.

Some other solutions, for instance PIR-based ones, have demonstrated uncontrolled ignition. At the same time, the materials applied for this purpose had a certificate of compliance with the fire safety class K0, that is, they should not burn, suffer damages caused by high temperatures and pose a fire hazard when damaged.

Rockwool will continue testing the insulation materials this year. Thus, it is planned to conduct tests on the basis of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fire Defense, which may result in changes in existing normative and technical documents.

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