France supports implementation of innovative infrastructure solutions in Georgia

Georgia-located Basalt Fibers LLC as part of the Infrastructure Construction Companies Association (ICCA) will get the support of the French-Georgian consultancy company Experto Consulting.

Tbilisi has hosted the “Construction in Georgia: Novel Approaches and Perspectives” forum where Experto Consulting signed a memorandum with the ICCA to promote innovative infrastructure solutions in Georgia.

At the Forum the representatives of the Association informed about recently joined member companies, including Basalt Fibers LLC, a producer of various products for construction based on basalt textile fiber, including basalt fittings and basalt fiber net-tissues, basalt plasticizers, mats, sandwich panels etc. The company has been in the market since 1998 producing basalt textile fiber from local raw material and according to its own technology.

France supports implementation of innovative infrastructure solutions in Georgia
Products of Basalt Fibers LLC. Image: ICCA

It should be mentioned that infrastructure construction can be referred to as “building for generations”, noted forum participants. Long term sustainability, thus, is the key pillar point of this field.

According to the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Zurab Alavidze, the construction sector is critically important for the country’s economic development and that is why the Georgian government has pledged to spend around GEL 10 billion ($412 mln) in the next three to four years on infrastructural projects.

In many countries, the construction sector is leading in the formation of economic growth. It is critical to eliminate the problems the Georgian construction sector is facing today. Together with the Infrastructure Construction Companies Association, we are working very actively in this regard.

During the Forum, Basalt Fibers LLC presented their products which attracted interest of Experto Consulting and other visitors of the event.


Companies: Basalt Projects Group

Countries: France, Georgia

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