Russian regions to insulate Khrushchev-era apartment blocks with basalt wool

Meshchovskiy district of Kaluga Oblast has realized a pilot project on the overhaul of a five-story building with basalt insulation, foamed glass aggregate and carbon composite tapes reinforcement.

Innovative technologies will enable the renovated building to reduce energy consumption by 30% and to increase its service life by 30 years.

Basalt insulation was used to insulate the facade, and foam glass aggregate to fit thermal insulation to the roof. Carbon composite tapes were used to insulate joints between the plates and to strengthen the building structure with external reinforcing systems.

A five-story panel building that represents 1-335A series, the most common in Russia regions, was selected for the pilot project. According to the spokespersons from the Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, that took part in the overhaul documentation development, the suggested technologies are suitable for the other common series, in particular, 467, 447, 2-04.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Energy

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