Novosibirsk Synthetic Fibers Plant (Russia) intends to manufacture basalt fiber

The experts working at the plant have developed investment projects for the construction of continuous basalt fiber and basalt fiber insulation manufacturing facility.

It is planned to establish both automated production of high-quality heat-insulating basalt fiber materials, and innovative high-tech production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF) with specified technical properties to manufacture basalt composites.

Certainly, the projects demand support from the Region Government, the holding company, Rostek GC, and budget co-financing. However, these projects are sure to be promising and profitable. In addition, the plant provides the necessary capacities to implement the projects,

– comments Valery Petrov, the General Director of JSC Novosibirsk Synthetic Fibers, in the interview to the Chesnoe Slovo.

When developing the investment projects, they took into account the needs of the regional construction industry and the country as a whole. Novosibirsk Oblast does not produce enough heat insulating materials so it meets a demand with the products imported from the other regions.

Continuous basalt fiber offers unique properties to be widely used in several industrial and agricultural sectors. Meanwhile, the company is working on the application of continuous basalt fiber in the process of cables and tires manufacture.


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