TPI Composites signs agreement to provide wind turbines for Latin America market

TPI Composites is the largest US-based manufacturer of composite wind blades for wind turbines. Basalt is mentioned among the materials that the company uses to manufacture its products.

TPI Composites and Vestas, leading companies in the wind energy market have agreed to produce wind blades in Mexico with plans to cover all Latin America market.

A new facility is scheduled to open for production in Matamoros, Mexico in the first half of 2018. TPI says its new manufacturing hub will be able to reliably and cost effectively serve wind markets in Mexico, Central and South America.

Wind energy is the most fast growing sector for composites. Demand for green energy is growing worldwide, and analytical companies are giving the most optimistic forecasts. For instance, MarketsandMarkets projects the wind turbine composite market is to reach USD 12.17 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 9.28%.

Basalt fiber is growing its popularity as a wind blades material. Also basalt carbon composite finds its application in the wind energy industry since it is able to reduce the weight and cost of wind turbine blades while improving their performance.

Countries: Mexico, USA

Industries: Energy

Terms: wind energy

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