Voronezh University (Russia) to train professionals in composite manufacture

A university in the city of Voronezh has introduced a new, highly demanded field of study, Manufacturing Technology for Polymer Composite Products.

As a result of higher educational institutions optimization programme, Voronezh State Technical University and Voronezh Architecture and Construction University were merged in 2016. Thus, a new entity, named the Central Chernozem State Engineering University, appeared on the map of higher educational institutions in Russia.

This new University introduced 13 new fields of study to give training in professions which are in high demand. The list includes Manufacturing Technology for Polymer Composite Products.

On a global scale, the composite industry is developing at a record pace and is experiencing a deficit in professionals with relevant competencies. Composite materials currently are an integral part of almost all areas of human activity: medicine, ecology, energy, transport, construction, robotics, sports and this trend continues to grow.

Degree in Composite Manufacture will enable students to become not only diploma holders but also to master practical, and promising profession which is in demand in the labour market.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Ecology, Energy, Sports, Leisure & Recreation, Transport

Terms: Composite materials

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