Dare to be flexible with CRP and Windform

Find out Windform® RL, the first thermoplastic elastomer in Windform® family of high performance AM materials

Dare to be flexible with CRP and Windform
CRP Technology launches Windform® RL, the first thermoplastic elastomer material within the Windform® family of materials for professional 3D Printing.
Windform® RL is a durable thermoplastic elastomer material with exceptional rubber-like distinguishing features.
Its mechanical characteristics make it particularly suited for Additive Manufacturing applications requiring complex geometries, and where flexible characteristics is a key requisite.

Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director for CRP Group states: “We created Windform® RL to provide complete and tailored end-to-end service to meet all customers’ needs”.

Flexible parts manufactured in Windform® RL and stiff parts in Windform® materials can be bonded together by epoxy resins or with mechanical joints.
Windform® RL is perfect for functional rubber-like prototypes and parts (e.g. gaskets, hoses, and durable components).

Windform® RL is the material of choice not only for automotive and motorsport applications requiring flexibility, but also for athletic footwear and equipment, and for all parts requiring excellent shock absorption.
Due to its mechanical properties, Windform® RL assures high performance sealing power.

Video of Energica Ego, Windform 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle

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