Back to the future with CRP USA and Windform

Windform materials, developed for the motorsports industry, are now finding many uses in medical applications

Back to the future with CRP USA and Windform
CRP USA with its Italian-based partner CRP Technology is now focusing on a new application for the combination of Windform high performance composite materials and additive manufacturing: this new field of application is generative orthotics, an area requiring special attention to the main party involved: the patient.

With aging populations worldwide, the number of people who utilize orthoses has grown significantly in the past three decades. Projections indicate that 7.3 million people in the United States will utilize orthoses to combat the effects of paralysis, deformity or orthopedic impairments by 2020.

CRP USA will be attending as exhibitor the 2017 Special Operations Medicine Scientific Assembly (SOMSA).

The independently SOMA-hosted event is held from May 21st through 25th at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.

At booth #1208 CRP USA and their highly knowledgeable staff will have on display the latest 3D printed Defense applications and Medical related pieces such as Jeff Ryan’s knee brace, orthotics, and prosthetic feet and hands.

With more than a decade of experience in 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing, CRP USA works alongside key industry leaders to manufacture functional prototype and end-use components from their Windform family of high-performance composite materials. Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, CRP USA resides in the heart of the southern industrial and manufacturing hub, and is surrounded by growing Aerospace and Motorsports communities.

CRP USA will show how Windform 3D Printing materials, which were originally developed for the motorsports industry, are now finding a diverse range of uses outside of the race track. CRP USA and Windform materials are used extensively in high-performing sectors due to their mechanical properties, and CRP USA is the ideal technological partner for utilizing WINDFORM and Additive Manufacturing.

Video of 3D print the motion of your body

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