New material options for industrial 3D printing

Covestro highlights materials for filament, powder and liquid resin 3D printing

To say the 3D printing market is booming is an understatement: A recent Deloitte study estimates 3D printing will increase from $4.8 billion today to $20.5 billion by 2020, and perhaps even more. Growth is dependent on a number of factors, including the availability of suitable materials and processes. That’s where Covestro can make an impact.

Covestro is bringing new material options to the 3D printing industry based on its polyurethane and polycarbonate chemistries. The company is developing new products specifically tuned to offer increased levels of performance required for industrial 3D printing. Covestro will showcase its materials solutions for filament, powder and liquid resin 3D printing technologies at RAPID+TCT 2017,  beginning of May, in Pittsburgh.

“We’re not new to this space, but we have typically been in the background,” said Dan Pothala, business development & partnering, Additive Manufacturing, Covestro LLC. “Now, we believe the time is right for Covestro to step forward and demonstrate the important role our high-performance materials can play in making new industrial end-part production a reality.”

Covestro’s exhibits will showcase solutions for:
•    Filament technologies using polycarbonate and polyurethane for applications such as athletics, medical or electrical
•    Powder technologies using polyurethane for applications such as footwear
•    Liquid resin technologies with polyurethane for a variety of potential applications

Of course, seeing is believing, and booth visitors will be able to see 3D parts formed from Covestro’s polycarbonates and thermoplastic polyurethanes produced with Mass Portal SIA’s Dynasty® Additive Manufacturing System (AMS). The Dynasty® AMS is a low-volume plastics parts production system that automates workflows for parallelized production of parts or semi-unattended printing of indivudalized products.

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