Impossible Objects’ 3D printer received prestigious RAPID + TCT Innovation Award

Impossible Objects launched their innovative 3D composite printing technology at the conference RAPID + TCT 2017 in Pittsburgh (US), and won the award RAPID + TCT Innovation Award.

The company has developed a novel composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) technology and used it to create Model One 3D printer. This groundbreaking printer will enable companies to create stronger parts, using basalt fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber etc. and a wider range of high-quality matrix materials.

RAPID + TCT Conference is a preeminent event for 3D printing and additive production technologies. It is held in the US, but every year attracts more participants and attendees from all over the world.

RAPID + TCT Innovation Award recognizes the new product or service exhibited that will have the most impact on the industry. Dozens of products were launched at this year’s RAPID+TCT, but the Model One was adjudged to be the most innovative, and in the judge’s estimation, the most impactful.

Companies: Impossible Objects, Innovation Award

Industries: General society

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