Mid-Mountain uses basalt wool to manufacture thermal insulation for space application

The company uses basalt wool to manufacture CERMEX products line that includes thermal insulation blankets, mats, and papers. These materials range in service temperature from 1000°F (538°C) to 2300°F (1260°C), have low thermal conductivity and are able to minimize heat transfer.

Mid-Mountain mineral wool products are widely used in die-cut gaskets, seals for furnace linings and industrial ovens, insulation in removable blankets and pads, pipe insulation, and automotive applications.

Products manufactured for the aerospace industry should be complied with special requirements according to reliability and durability. Technical textiles and refractory fabrics are used in various components for space application, including insulating screens, gaskets, refractory elements.

Mid-Mountain Materials has been supporting JPML/NASA’s technological advances by developing advanced coated fabrics for very high thermal protection systems. They are also developing a very high heat resistant fire and smoke seal for various parts of engine cover, which can handle temperatures up to 2500° F (1371°C).

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Companies: CERMEX, NASA

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive

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