Agronomy students from Kungur (Russia) grow vegetables on mineral wool

Launched in late 2015, the automated greenhouse complex produces 20-30 kg of cucumbers grown on basalt mineral wool. During the academic year, the students manage to harvest up to 6 tonnes. But the college authority plans to increase production volumes to 20 tonnes per a calendar year.

The hydroponic method of growing vegetables on mineral mats provides high yields. In such a way the college gets the opportunity to make a profit and train future agrarians in conditions close to reality, and the students get access to modern technologies in plant production.

Greenhouse complexes using basalt substrate as an artificial soil are successfully operating in different regions of Russia. Thus, in late 2016 a greenhouse complex of such type was launched in Yakutia, and a little later we found out about the construction of fifth-generation greenhouse complex in Lipetsk region.

To meet the growing demand in hydroponic mats, Krasnodar Krai started building basalt substrate production facilities.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Agriculture, Construction

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