Solidian receives the first general building approval for a façade sandwich panel

For the construction of sandwich panels with non-metallic reinforcement, a solidian system with general building approval is now available.

The engineering team of the Albstadt-based specialists for carbon and AR glass reinforcement has succeeded in developing a new system which now opens the market to the whole construction industry for the smooth use of the new technology in panel and facade construction. In the flagship construction project BÜROPARK EASTSITE in Mannheim, the innovative product has already proved successful in various buildings. Many of last year’s pilot projects have demonstrated that non-metallic reinforcements in concrete structures have clear economic advantages and therefore allow for a significantly more flexible construction method. The technology, which according to experts will revolutionise concrete construction in the long term, is now paving the way across the whole market, as the general building approval for the new solidian facade panels now facilitates the use of textile-reinforced concrete under building regulations considerably.

The arguments for its use find strong confirmation in the clear figures: The thinner construction method can reduce the cost of architectural concrete by up to 70%, which has several effects. The material costs drop and more space is created; more usable or rentable area can therefore be created in the building, especially in boundary development. Assembly is also simplified considerably thanks to the light construction method. When building sandwich facades, thermal insulation can be installed particularly easily with movable grates, and cold bridges can also be avoided. “In terms of life-cycle assessment, textilereinforced concrete is far better than the traditional construction method with steel”, solidian Managing Director Roland Karle explains, and carries on: “Concrete, production and transport costs are considerably lower and maintenance costs are also avoided in the long run, since textile-reinforced concrete does not corrode and guarantees long durability.”

Solidian receives the first general building approval for a façade sandwich panel

The BÜROPARK EASTSITE of the B.A.U. property developer in Mannheim-Neuostheim, a pioneer in modern enterprise architecture, proved to be predestined to use textile reinforcement.“We want to set standards – in architecture, in equipment and flexibility as well as in building technology and energy consumption”, B.A.U. Managing Director Peter Gaul explains. So the investor, the architect and the building company together with solidian all showed the necessary pioneering spirit, and for the first time used textile reinforcement in facade design for the realisation of the office building EASTSITE VIII – with resounding success.

In 2015, the first office building with a sandwich panel of textile-reinforced concrete was completed, and all the involved parties were equally impressed:

“The architectural concrete facade looks like endless granite stripes set next to and over one another”, Peter Gaul praises, who from now on will work with the new material of textile-reinforced concrete also for economic reasons. “Fischer Architekten, Dreßler Bau and solidian together have implemented the new sandwich technology in two Eastsite buildings with approvals for individual cases, so that we are now particularly pleased about the general building approval for our sandwich facades”, solidian Managing Director Roland Karle explains.

And the investor also seems impressed. After the recent topping out ceremony of EASTSITE XI, the following buildings will also benefit from this textile-reinforced concrete technology.

Eastsite VIII: Sandwich panel with solidian reinforcement

Eastsite XI: Sandwich panel with solidian reinforcement

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