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Fibermaq takes charge of Autometrix equipment distribution in Brazil

Assembled in the US, machines cut special fabrics used as reinforcements of composite parts

Fibermaq initiated the distribution of equipment produced by US-based Autometrix, a company specialized in automatic systems for cutting special fabrics, such as carbon and aramid, as well as prepreg materials which reinforce composite parts consumed by the sports and leisure, aerospace, transportation and insulation sectors, among others.

According to Christian de Andrade, director of Fibermaq, the business was motivated by the similarity between the profiles of both companies. “We both produce composite molding equipment. So it totally made sense to include these machines to Fibermaq´s portfolio. And, for Autometrix, “Fibermaq’s experience in the equipment segment was decisive,” said Gil Griego, CEO of Autometrix. The Brazilian company will also be responsible for providing local technical assistance and supplying spare parts.

In Brazil, Fibermaq will distribute Autometrix Advantage, Radium and Argon lines, whose cutting speeds range from 0.60 m/s to 1.67 m/s – Radium and Argon work with up to two cutting tools simultaneously. “In an hour, these machines cut the same amount of fabric that an operator takes from 8 to 16 hours to cut manually.” The width of the standard models is 1.60 m, but it could reach up to 3.80 m, while the maximum length is 17 m.

In addition to productivity gains, a great advantage of Autometrix equipment is the presence of PatternSmith, a creative pattern design and nesting software. Quite intuitive and able to import Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) files – which can be generated by popular drawing software, such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks – the software maximizes fabric utilization, which is very helpful when working with expensive materials, such as those used in composite parts. “The set formed by software and hardware also makes it possible to perform extremely complex and very precise cuts.”

Sold separately, CadShot Mobile allows users to take a snapshot of the part with the mobile phone and export the image directly to the software, which recognizes the format and cuts the fabric accordingly.

Founded in 1978, in the city of São Paulo, Fibermaq is a pioneer in the manufacture of equipment for molding composites, epoxy and adhesives in general. During this period, more than 5,000 spray-up machines, gelcoat application, RTM injection and filament winding machines, among others, were sold by the company in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

In 2016, Fibermaq was elected for the fifth consecutive time the Top of Mind of the Composites Industry in the category “Equipment” – organized by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), it is the industry’s main award.


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