FACC extends strategic partnership with Bombardier

FACC, a supplier of lightweight components to the aviation industry, will now also be producing the wing-to-body fairings for Bombardier Aerospace’s new C Series family of regional aircraft. The contract will be worth up to EUR 100 million in sales.

The original contract covered the development of the wing-to-body fairings, the production of the initial samples, approval testing, and the delivery of aerodynamic fairings for the first ten aircraft from the C Series family. Based on this initial contract and the good business relation between the parties over the years, Bombardier has chosen FACC for the mid-term C Series production. FACC has thereby strengthened its strategic partnership with Bombardier. It already provides the wing-to-body fairings for the Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft and will now also be equipping the two C Series models CS100 and CS300 for the Canadian company.

“Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience in the production of wing-to-body fairings in various aircraft programs. This has allowed us to incorporate numerous innovations into the design, which will reduce the weight considerably and improve the performance of the components,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG. “The fact that our long-standing customer Bombardier has now decided to extend the collaboration underlines our close partnership and bears testament to our performance over the years.”

The wing-to-body fairings are aerodynamic systems that are attached to the underside of the aircraft’s fuselage. Their shape has been designed to minimize the aerodynamic resistance of the aircraft. Furthermore, the fairings protect the aircraft systems underneath against in-flight damage caused by bird strikes.

Process-optimized production and capacity
As the production rate stands to increase over the years, FACC has the capacity to adjust to changing demand. The wing-to-body fairings are produced in the Aerostructures plant in St. Martin, Upper Austria. The series production of the components will provide long-term work for 50 people at FACC.

The FACC production line for the C Series wing-to-body fairings is set up to achieve maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Copyright: FACC

About the Bombardier C Series
Bombardier Aerospace’s C Series is a new family of commercial aircraft in the 100- to 150-seater segment. The two models CS100 and CS300 combine progressive materials, state-of-the-art technology and proven methods to meet the requirements of the airlines in the best and most innovative way. The design of this completely new aircraft reduces fuel consumption, noise, and emissions considerably and ensures excellent in-flight performance. Thanks to the large cabin, passengers can also fly in total comfort. Bombardier Aerospace has already received 360 firm orders for the C Series.

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