Avio and Toray signed long term supply agreement of high performance carbon fiber

Avio and Toray announce that both groups signed a long term supply agreement, which will be covered until 2027 (including extension). This agreement aims long-term supply commitment about Torayca carbon fibers to Avio for rocket motor case application and strengthens cooperation between the groups for space applications.

Avio and Toray signed long term supply agreement of high performance carbon fiber
Avio is an Italian group, leader in high-end applications in Aerospace, having main business in launcher system development and production and supplying rocket motors and boosters for VEGA and Ariane 6. Toray has been supplying higher strength carbon fibers to Avio for several years via Toray’s French subsidiary (Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A.).With this agreement, Toray aims to expand its carbon fiber supply to rocket motor case developed by Avio for future programs including Vega-C and Ariane 6 and reinforce its commitment as main advanced materials supplier for aerospace applications and business.

Nowadays satellites are indispensable in various fields such as broadcasting, communication, GPS, earth observation and disasters prevention. The satellite launchers demand is also increasing. There is a trend to seek higher performance with launching cost reduction, and more carbon fiber reinforced composite components will be applied for launchers to accomplish such needs and technical achievements. Toray develops and provides higher functional carbon fibers, and contributes to space and satellite market expansion.

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