Composites to become new growth area for Russia’s Chelyabinsk region

Composites take 0.2% of the Chelyabinsk region’s total shipped volume of domestic products, states Irina Akbasheva, the first Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk region.

The official informed this aspect during the regular meeting with the Governor of the region. Boris Dubrovskiy, the Chelyabinsk region’s Governor states that the development of the composite industry in the region has looked like an experiment within some enterprises so far. However, Moscow region, as well as Lipetsk, Kaluga etc. have put into operation full-fledged engineering and production composite centres.

In addition, Chelyabinsk has enough resource, production, consumer, and expert bases to make composites a growth area of the region. For instance, there are at least 10 basalt deposits in the region, potentially suitable for the basalt fiber manufacture. Also, the possibility of establishing a composite cluster in the region was discussed at the Centre for Cluster Development of Chelyabinsk Region in winter.

Six main areas for composite industry development were designated during the meeting with the Governor:

  • civil and road construction;
  • metallurgy;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • radio electronics and instrument making;
  • additive technologies;
  • household consumption.

Irina Akbasheva says that almost every above-mentioned area includes local fast growing companies, which demonstrate good growth rates of economic indicators.

As for additive technologies, the main constraint for Russia is the lack of own serial 3D-printer production. Domestic engineers are still beginning to master this promising technology industry. Last year during a conference Digital Technology of Industrial Russia (CIPR) Anisoprint’s 3D-printer, which uses fiber-reinforced plastic was recognised the best technology for the industrial sector.

The specialists from Regional Engineering Center (REC) showcased their own additive equipment at  INNOPROM-2016. The spokespeople of REC stress that it makes sense to set up a plant for the manufacture of additive equipment and related materials with a production volume of at least 70-100 units per year.

Region authority plans to hold a few more meetings to develop the development strategy and measures to support Chelyabinsk companies working in the composite industry.

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