TechnoNICOL shipbuilding insulation got IMO certificate

The document confirms that shipbuilding insulation produced by TechnoNICOL Far East successfully passed IMO (International Maritime Organization) tests, and the company’s production site complies with the industry standards. This product also meets the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The certificate gives the right for the company to deliver products to the shipbuilding market. Primarily, the plant intends to manufacture thermal insulation boards for hulls, technical boards for insulation and fire protection, thermal and sound insulating mats.

Traditionally, the Russian shipbuilders work with the imported insulation material which is expensive but of high-quality. TechnoNICOL is going to offer a domestic basalt fiber product with properties that completely meet the international standards.

The main consumers of the Far East plant, a resident of the Priority Social and Economic Development Area “Khabarovsk”, will be shipbuilding companies working in the region and neighboring China, Japan, and South Korea. The Far East plant has been operating in the region since 2016.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: China, Japan, South Korea

Industries: Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

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