2nd International Basalt Forum invites experts of oil and gas industry

The session ‘Industry-Specific Application: Basalt-based solutions for gas & petrochemical industries’ will be headed by Sergey Serdyukov, Technical Director of Nord Stream 2, Gazprom Prize winner for achievements in liquefied natural gas technology and for developing a demagnetizing tool for gas pipelines at welding operations.

Composite materials are used in the gas & petrochemical industry throughout the entire production chain: from mining in difficult climatic conditions to reliable transportation and storage.

In this industry, basalt composites are able to successfully compete with metal components, providing strength, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance along with a low weight, which guarantees the prompt delivery for long distances and ease of installation, durability and fire safety for the facilities.

Basalt fiber can be used as a reinforcing material for both the polymer matrix (pipes, fittings, fences, hoses), and for concrete and asphalt mixtures (structures, tanks, road construction, platforms).

Industry-Specific Application of basalt fiber in the gas & petrochemical industry will be covered during the special session of the International Basalt Forum on November 16, 2017.

The keynote speakers include Sergey Serdyukov, Technical Director of Nord Stream 2, the company engaged in the development of a new gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea to supply Russian gas to the European market.


Companies: Gasprom, International Basalt Forum

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, General society, Oil & Gas

Terms: Pipes

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