PAROC basalt insulation obtained European certification

PAROC basalt insulation solutions for HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) meets the requirements of Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort GOLD. This means that PAROC products such as mats and cylinders show compliance with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions criteria set out in Europe.

The aim of Air Comfort certification is to promote low emission, sustainable products. Due to the trend in secure and eco-friendly construction, a growing number of architects and designers lean toward sustainable products.  Air Comfort certification is voluntary and available to any manufacturer of construction and building materials.

They consider that basalt insulation of high quality is an ideal solution, as shown by PAROC certification. In addition to being safe to human health, it has heat-trapping and noise protection abilities, and it is a noncombustible material. Taisiya Seledkova, PAROC Marketing and Communications Director for Russia says, “Recognition by Eurofins emphasizes the importance of PAROC efforts aimed at providing consumers with innovative products, safe to both human beings and environment.”

PAROC supports the idea of creating a Russian standard for mineral wool materials and PAROC thermal insulation is considered one of the most reliable and popular in Russia.


Companies: PAROC

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Ecology, Oil & Gas

Terms: Cylinders

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