Basalt fiber was showcased at International Paris Air Show

Isomatex, a basalt fiber manufacturer, was presented among innovative start-ups during the recent International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. This year’s Air Show focused particularly on innovations in the aerospace.

An innovative space Paris Air Lab occupied 3000 square meters in the centre of Concorde Hall, offering the visitors to explore 22 booths dedicated to innovation, aeronautics, aerospace and digital technology.

Nearly 100 startups with innovative and promising ideas and more than a dozen industrial associations, space agencies, and research centers were featured throughout the week, and presented their latest collaborative innovations to the delegates of several companies, industrial groups and developers.

Among them was Isomatex (FILAVA ™ trademark), a manufacturer of basalt fiber for customized high value solutions. Isomatex focuses its efforts on both a technological process, enriching the fiber with various mineral additives to increase their properties, and sustainability of manufacturing process and finished products.

The partners of Isomatex, using basalt fiber for their projects, include Sardine Run, a France-located boatyard, which has launched a trimaran with basalt fabrics in its construction, and GS4C srl, an Italy-based start-up, which has patented the fiber-metal laminate (FML-composite) based on basalt fiber. Such a kind of material is widely used in the aerospace, but GS4C srl applies it for an eco-yacht and suggests using it in other industries.

The start-up session also saw Cevotec with Fiber Patch Placement technology based on carbon composites, and Gamma Alloys – metal matrix composites.

There were a lot to see at the Air Show composite space. The composites are used not only to produce interior of airplanes and spaceships but also for hulls, elements of power plants, various units and systems. This trend is set to continue, judging by the interest of aerospace professionals to the Paris Air Lab space.


Companies: GS4C, Isomatex

Countries: France, Italy

Industries: Aerospace, Construction, Ecology, Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

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