Basalt substrate ECOVER debuted at greenhouse technologies exhibition

Basalt substrate ECOVER GRUNT is ECOVER’s new development that uses hydrophilic mineral wool based on basalt fiber. The novelty is certified for the use in greenhouses to grow plants by the hydroponic method.

The company offers several varieties of the products, including mats, cubes, and plugs. ECOVER spokesperson says that all their products have already been successfully tested in a large greenhouse environment.

Mineral soil is widely used in greenhouses of various countries. Thus, in early 2017 a year-round greenhouse complex Elets Vegetables informed about the plans to apply basalt substrate for growing vegetables. TechnoNICOL is going to fill not only Russian but also European greenhouses with a mineral wool substrate.

Biotecture, a UK-based firm, went even further and developed hydroponic modular living wall systems on basalt substrate. Their customer scope includes the territories of the UK, and the countries of continental Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Companies: Continental, ECOVER, TechnoNICOL

Industries: Agriculture, General society

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