Basalt fiber production plant in Minvody (Russia) to be built by KeramoResurs

The planned annual production capacity of basalt fiber plant will be 5 thousand tonnes of continuous basalt fiber. A new production facility is scheduled to be put into operation at the mid-2019 and is likely to reach the project capacity approximately in 2020.

The Regional Coordinating Council on Investments and Competition made a decision to allocate a plot of 25 hectares in Minvody in order to build the production plant. Received a leased plot without a tender, KeramoResurs Ltd got the right to implement the project. It is planned to invest 150 million rubles in the project over 2 years of construction works, informs Kommersant.

According to the Stavropol Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communication, they are planning to establish an industrial park on the basis of basalt production in Minvody in the future. This idea was supported by the regional and city authorities last year.


Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Energy

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