Additive technologies market has become a priority in Russia

During a meeting of the Strategic Council on Investments in New Industries, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg), Denis Manturov, emphasised the need to foster the additive technologies market.

The Council meeting was held as part of the International Industrial Exhibition INNOPROM-2017 on July 11th. The participants focused on the prospects for the industry transition to a new technological mode, as reported in the press release issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Particular attention was paid to the promising markets and competencies that are in a state of formation. The list of such strategic national economy growth areas was formed when developing the National Technology Initiative.

Nine priority markets from almost all infrastructure areas have been selected in Russia. Each market’s overall capitalization is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2035. The minister stressed this figure is a minimum because volumes and opportunities will be much bigger.

In particular, the average annual growth of the additive technologies market is 30% and the experts think provided the companies implement 3D printing at least one and a half percent of their capacity, the market volume will reach 350 billion dollars by 2035,

as the head of Minpromtorg informs.

Denis Manturov also stresses that despite Russia has sufficient expertise to develop all the priority areas independently, the coordinated efforts with the countries interested in the industrial sector innovative development will result in much greater effect.

The door is open to consolidate the capacity of the national scientific and research centres in order to conduct joint research in areas of joint interest.

In addition, the Russian industrial engineering centres established by the best technical universities are ready to interact at the design stage. Thanks to this, the costs and terms of works will be significantly reduced to find outcomes in new supranational industrial projects.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade called the transition to a new technological mode, the digital transformation of industries and the constant emergence of ever new markets as a non-alternative way of development.

Of note, it is the 3D printing company that was announced the winner of the Best Technology for Industrial Sector competition which was held as part of the Digital Industry of Industrial Russia conference. It was Anisoprint, a 3D-printing technology developer, which uses a high-strength composite material (fiber-reinforced plastic).

A robotic arm for 3D basalt fiber printing was named the winner of JEC Innovation Award 2017, which was held in Paris this year March during the International Exhibition JEC World 2017.

Particular attention is paid to additive technologies in the construction sector. 3D printing of various buildings using reinforced concrete helps both to construct buildings of different forms/sizes and to minimise wastes, labour, and machinery. Developers of a mobile 3D construction printer Apis Cor have demonstrated the printing process on-site at the Stupino aerated concrete factory.

Companies: Apis Cor, Innoprom, Innovation Award

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, General society

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