Roman Nezovibatko, Soyuzbazalt: it is necessary to develop technological integration platform for basalt industry

The Executive Director of NPO Soyuzbazalt Roman Nezobibatko spoke in the interview for Basalt.Today about the current state of basalt industry, competitive advantages of basalt fiber, and basalt industry growth areas in Russia and worldwide.

The non-for-profit association Basalt Industry Development Union (Soyuzbazalt) was established as a platform to consolidate scientific and production capacity of basalt industry players, to coordinate their joint efforts, especially with regard to the development and updating industry standards, in order to foster an environment that is conductive for basalt industry companies, develop the market for raw materials and increase process-oriented use of basalt materials and basalt products.

For years to come all basalt industry players should consider as their main task the establishing of an integration platform, which will allow current industrial technologies to maximize a level of digitalization, blockchain processing and use of artificial intelligence in the management system, says Roman Nezovibatko, Executive Director of Soyuzbazalt in the exclusive interview for Basalt.Today.

Please, find the full interview here. (in Russian)

Companies: Basalt Projects Group, Basalt Union, Basalt.Today

Countries: Russia

Industries: General society

Terms: Basalt fiber application

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