Shops in Tatarstan prefer local composite products

Leroy Marlin retail chain accounts for 83% of locally manufactured composite products from the total sale volume of basalt mesh and glass fiber rebar. 40% of mineral wool sold at these outlets is also manufactured in Tatarstan.

Denis Valeyev, Tatarstan Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, says the shops choose local suppliers since it is convenient and profitable. Production facilities are located nearby, transportation costs are minimal, and the quality is not inferior to the products from other regions of Russia. The presence of special economic zones in the Republic plays not the least role, e.g. SEZ Alabuga.

In addition to developing its own production facilities, Tatarstan pays much attention to the composite professionals training. So, last year Kazan became the venue for the Composite Battle World Cup. The main goal of the event was the popularisation of composites among students, scientists and young engineers. The organising committee currently considers putting Composite Technology on the list of skills to be showcased at WorldSkills-2019 Competition, which will be held in the city of Kazan (Tatarstan).

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