Lipetsk basalt fiber factory to get 19.5 billion rubles of investments

Basalt fiber factory in the Chaplyginskaya SEZ (special economic zone) will be constructed by Polimer-Sintez LLC, which obtained the status of a SEZ resident last year. The issues connected with a land for construction are now under consideration, and the company is going to get a loan to implement this project.

According to the press, the construction of factory facilities is to start this year. The enterprise is expected to be put into operation in three years after the construction works start, and the total amount of investments will be 19.5 billion rubles.

The Chinese company is a co-investor of the Lipetsk factory to provide their basalt fiber manufacturing technology for 30% stake in the future enterprise. As for Polimer-Sintez, it was founded by Belgorod located BelPolimerNano (68% of the authorized fund) and the Russian individuals (32% of the authorized fund) in 2016.

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