Nexcelle’s nacelle systems touch down at the Paris Air Show

At the 2017 event, it was appropriate that nacelle system hardware from Nexcelle’s parent companies had a high-profile presence in the exhibit halls, as well as along the static display line – while the aviation trade press included our joint venture in their stories published during the week-long gathering last month.

Nexcelle’s nacelle systems touch down at the Paris Air Show
A key attention-getter under the Hall 2A rotunda at Le Bourget was the full-scale O-Duct thrust reverser, presented by Safran Nacelles on the Safran group exhibit

For anyone familiar with engine nacelles, the O-Duct’s “clean” look – with its innovative single-piece configuration, the open and unobstructed interior cross-section, and state-of-the-art Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System (E-TRAS) – provided a striking difference from traditional thrust reversers with their multi-piece “D-door” arrangements and hydraulic actuation circuits.

During his interviews with reporters for news stories in all three show daily publications at Le Bourget, President Kenneth Onderko highlighted Nexcelle’s commitment to continuing our support for the LEAP-1C program as flight tests are conducted with the no.1 C919, and noted that we’re delivering hardware for the second aircraft ahead of its upcoming rollout at Shanghai.

WOW pilots and cabin crewmembers are photographed in front of the engine nacelle for the Icelandic airline’s first A321neo jetliner, which was delivered during the Paris Air Show.
Elsewhere at the Paris Air Show, a distinctive purple-colored aircraft on the static display line attracted much attention – showcasing the nacelles produced by our Safran Nacelles parent company for Airbus A320neo (New Engine Option) family jetliners with CFM International LEAP-1A engines.

These nacelle systems have a contribution of hardware from Nexcelle’s other parent, GE Aviation’s Middle River Aircraft Systems (MRAS), and their production rate is accelerating in one of the most rapid ramp-ups in civil aviation history.

The high-visibility jetliner at Le Bourget was delivered to WOW air, making this Icelandic carrier the first European airline to receive a LEAP-1A-powered A321neo version – which is the longest-fuselage jetliner in Airbus’ A320 product line.

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