A Mechanical and Environmental Assessment and Comparison of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Rebar and Steel Rebar in Concrete Beams

This paper compares holistically the mechanical and environmental performance of basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP) rebar against conventional steel rebar in concrete beams. This assessment involves material testing and life cycle assessment (LCA).

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The results show that BFRP tendons in reinforced concrete beams are stronger and lighter than steel with a better environmental profile and fewer embodied emissions, as fewer material and energy resources are required during production. The future market is expected to be within the precast industry, rather than in on-site construction, as precast BFRP concrete beams have approximately half the emissions of steel reinforced concrete beams.

8th International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB-16, 11-13 September 2016, Turin, ITALY.

Marianne Inman, SINTEF, Oslo, Norway;
Eythor Rafn Thorhallsson, Reykjavik University, Reykjavik, Iceland;
Kamal Azrague, SINTEF, Oslo, Norway.


Companies: Mechanical Properties, Reykjavik University

Countries: Iceland, Italy

Industries: Construction, Energy, General society

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