Teplant launches the manufacture of basalt fiber insulation for Far East

A new basalt fiber thermal insulation panels with a thickness of 300 mm are designed for “extra insulated” constructions and help reduce the cost of the buildings heating. This insulation material can be used for industrial buildings, social facilities, and the buildings where shift workers are living.

The buildings insulated with basalt fiber panels are stable, this aspect is important for the areas with problematic soil and permafrost melting. The operating life of the sandwich panels accounts for 20 years at least, even when operated in the Far North extremes.

The first batch of new thermal insulation was delivered to Tyumen, the next one will be sent to Surgut. The company management comments that “thick sandwich panels” are produced only by a few manufacturers in Russia.  The overwhelming majority offer stone wool thermal insulation with a thickness of 50 to 220 mm. Teplant JSC expanded the product range after upgrading the production line last spring.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction

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