SAMPE Europe 2017 to be held in Germany in November

SAMPE Europe 2017, the European conference and thematic exhibition, will be held near Stuttgart this year. The event will traditionally discuss design and application of advanced materials: research and development as well as technological processes.

SAMPE Europe 2017 will last three days from November 14 to 16. This year it moved from Liège in Belgium to Leinfelden-Echterdingen in Germany, which is the administrative district of Stuttgart.

The participants will focus on composites and hybrid materials. The speakers represent not only industrial enterprises but also research institutes as well as business consumers of composite and hybrid materials.

Most of the topics are well established on the composite industry’s agenda. They include automotive, construction, energy, “green” energy, aerospace, nano materials and multifunctional materials, additive technologies, technical textiles etc.

In addition to the networking opportunities and the chance to listen to live presentations, participants will be able to place their booth or stand in the conference exhibition area.

Find the full conference programme, speakers’ names and the presentations topics on the conference website. The registration form is also placed there.

Companies: SAMPE

Countries: Germany

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive and Road Transportation, Construction, Energy, General society

Terms: Composite materials

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