Roth Composite Machinery exhibits at Composites Europe

Roth Composite Machinery will be exhibiting at the Composites Europe in Stuttgart on September 19 -21, 2017.

The expert in special-purpose mechanical engineering exhibits in hall 4 at stand E42. Roth Composite Machinery plans, designs and manufactures aggregates, machines and entire production lines across the business areas „Filament Winding & Prepeg“, „Pleating & Coating“ and „Brushes & Brooms“.

The product range of the manufacturer with headquarters in Steffenberg, Germany, includes machines for filament winding. This is a process to manufacture products made from high-quality plastics that are particularly robust thanks to fibre reinforcement, to be used in lightweight construction applications.

In particular, these are used in the automotive and sports industries, in aerospace and in wind turbines. Synthetic resin or thermoplastic materials are processed on these machines and systems using reinforcing fibres, usually made from glass, carbon, and basalt.

Prepreg systems are used to manufacture composite fibre semi-finished goods that can be further processed and made into finished products in subsequent stages using the preimpregnated (hence the term prepreg), partially set thermoplastic matrix. In early 2017 Roth Composite Machinery showcased a new lab plant for prepregs at JEC World 2017.

Roth Composite Machinery offers solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements. This is rounded off with a high level of quality and technological capability as well high-performance, reliable and durable machines as a result. The manufacturer belongs to the family company Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG with approximately 1250 employees worldwide.

Companies: Composites Europe, Roth Composite Machinery

Countries: Germany

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive and Road Transportation, Construction, Sports, Leisure & Recreation

Technologies: Filament Winding

Terms: Filament winding

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