Basalt fiber panels create unusual design of hotel in Almaty

Decorative basalt fiber panels ROCKPANEL Chameleon along with other ROCKWOOL materials have been used for exterior decoration of Maqan Hotel Almaty.

In addition to facing panels, the builders used soundproofing and roofing plates based on basalt fiber. The upper crystal layer of the facing panels changes its shade depending on the angle of view and the angle of the light, which gives originality to the entire facade.

Another distinctive feature of ROCKPANEL Chameleon is the ability to bend them without preliminary preparation with a maximum radius of 2.5 meters.

For soundproofing the developer used AKUSTIK BATTS plates, which well extinguish external noise due to the chaotic fiber arrangement inside the plates and the homogeneous structure of the material.

The roof is insulated with RUF BATTS STIAZHKA plates also produced by ROCKWOOL. It is a common knowledge that benefits of sound and thermal insulating materials produced from stone wool include stability of geometric and physical properties throughout all the operating life, high resistance to mechanical impacts, and preservation of physico-chemical properties over a wide temperature range.

Fire resistance is one of the main advantages of insulating materials based on basalt fiber. The tests demonstrated they are the most fireproof solutions in the market.

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