Regional government is going to participate in International Basalt Forum

The region with high potential for the development of basalt-oriented industries will be represented at the Forum by S. V. Bykov, the Deputy of the Smolensk Regional Duma of the fifth convocation.

Sergey Bykov is the Head of Smolensk Regional Duma Commission on citizens’ appeals related to the improvement of public authorities legal framework for the Smolensk region, and settling the economic, political, and social issues.

Sergey Bykov will take part in the International Basalt Forum as a regional expert, he is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Basalt Industry Development Union “Soyuzbazalt”.

Local authorities and business are interested in creating new promising enterprises capable of increasing the economic performance of the entrusted entities, develop innovative potential, increase the number of high-performing jobs and attract investment flows.

The leading industrial sector of the Smolensk region is the manufacturing industry. The most important specialization fields are power engineering, machine building and metalworking, chemical industry, as well as light and food industries. The fuel and energy complex is represented by six enterprises, including Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant.

The region covers an area of 49.8 thousand square kilometers (0.29% of the Russian Federation’s total area), has a significant potential and the necessary conditions conducive to the development of basalt-oriented industries in the region.

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