Thermal and acoustic performance evaluation of new basalt fiber insulation panels for buildings

Thermal insulation of building envelope is very important in energy saving: a growing interest is focused on using insulating recycled and sustainable materials.

The thermal and acoustic properties of innovative basalt natural fiber insulating panels were investigated. The thermal conductivity was evaluated by means of a Heat Flow meter apparatus: it is included in 0.030-0.034 W/mK range. The acoustic absorption coefficient was measured by means of Kundt’s Tube.

The results were compared to traditional solutions with similar chemical composition, but worse mechanical resistance. The easy application of this solution could be useful especially for refurbishments.

Cinzia Buratti, Elisa Moretti, Elisa Belloni, Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, Via G. Duranti 93, 06125 Perugia (PG), Italy
Fabrizio Agosti, Agosti Nanotherm s.r.l., Via San Giacomo 23, 39055 Laives (BZ), Italy


Countries: Italy

Industries: Energy

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