Additive technologies session at International Basalt Forum

The Forum will discuss development, manufacture, and application of 3D printed components, additive technologies and materials.

Additive technologies are among the most progressive and rapidly growing areas of digital production. Along with composite materials, they hold the leading positions at the top global trends.

Additive technologies facilitate manufacturing processes in the power plant industry, medicine, instrument making, aerospace – wherever there is a need for complex geometry, lightweight or single, special purpose products.

Some prototypes and full-featured products are 3D printed using fiber reinforced composites with basalt fiber as a reinforcing agent and polymer matrix or cement mix (in the construction).

The initiators of the International Basalt Forum suggest that participants address the capabilities of basalt fiber application in 3D printing and invite the professionals working in various industries, developers, scientists and specialists to participate in the session devoted to additive technologies.

Different materials and manufacturing technologies, application areas, the issues related to standardization testing of 3D products are among the topics to discuss.

3D-printing is starting to spread in the world, and Russia should not lag behind in this area. These technologies help reduce the product cost, accelerate design and production process,

in such a way Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, described the advantages of introducing additive technologies in the industry.

The Strategic Council for Investments in New Industries includes additive technologies in the list of priority areas, and the State Corporation Rosatom has identified them as a key area of a new strategy for innovative development.

Companies: International Basalt Forum

Countries: Russia

Industries: Aerospace, Construction, General society

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