Belgium-based Isomatex presented drone made of basalt composite

Isomatex has completed works on Vulcano One, the first drone entirely made of basalt composite material based on enriched basalt fiber Filava™. The prototype was developed with the participation of Ant-Arctic-Lab, a partner of Isomatex.

Drone developers say a drone market is constantly growing as well as application fields, which encompass everything from logistics and entertainment to defense systems and security.

The main challenge for drone designers is to find perfect materials that would combine high resistance, lightweight, recyclability, not to say vibration absorption and non-conductivity. Filava™ reinforced composites offer all the required properties, Isomatex assures.

Several crash tests reveal the high impact resistance of Filava™ fibers resulting in reducing the number of layers needed in the composite product. In addition, products made of basalt composite based on Filava™ fibers are entirely recyclable that means zero wastes and no environmental pollution.

The enthusiasts of eco-friendly solutions rely heavily on Filava™ basalt fiber. Thus, Italy-based start-up GS4C srl developed and patented FML composite made of Isomatex’s fiber. The market analysts included Isomatex in the list of leading players on the global basalt fiber market.

Companies: GS4C, Isomatex

Countries: Belgum, Italy

Industries: Ecology, Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

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