Russian basalt technologies company is going to ICO of cryptocurrency

Initial coin offering of cryptocurrency for the basalt project is aimed at raising investments for further production development.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are no longer a trend for only virtual technologies, but they capture real production and services. The basalt industry does not stand on the sidelines either.

The pioneers, enthusiasts of cryptocurrency from Moscow and Arkhangelsk have joined efforts and are preparing to hold the first ICO in the basalt technologies history. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a sale of tokens to investors by the project in order to pay for company services by cryptocurrency in the future.

The project, which is selling tokens, is an operating basalt quarry being developed by Lodia LLC located in the Arkhangelsk Oblast of the Plesetsky District. It is BazCoin cryptocurrency that will help the project team to raise investments for production development. The company plans to build a basalt raw material processing factory.

The project was presented in Moscow on August 11th, during the presentation company officials answered the questions and introduced the audience to all the stages of ICO preparation and holding. They also told the prospective investors how to get rich from this.

Russian basalt technologies company is going to ICO of cryptocurrency
Image: Ruslan Okhrimchuk courtesy

Numerous stakeholders exchanged contact information to establish further communication and cooperation.

Over time, we are considering the creation of sites to manufacture basalt fiber to meet the needs of our partners. The novelty of cryptocurrency fundraising method does not frighten us, since it is a global trend we should follow. We are positive and hope to serve as a good model for basalt market players,

comments the project inspirer Ruslan Okhrimchuk to our website.

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