R&D center for basalt technologies Basalt.Center to host Applied Research Conference

R&D center for basalt technologies will hold the Applied Research Conference as part of the 2nd International Basalt Forum.

The Conference will take place at Moscow Polytechnic University on November 15th and will kick off the Forum events.

The purposes of the Applied Research Conference are as follows:

  • to introduce specialists to the advanced technological solutions based on basalt fiber materials and products;
  • to share best practices in theoretical and experimental research in the field of basalt properties investigation and application;
  • to discuss the burning issues of the long-term industry growth within the strategy of scientific and technical development.

The event is focused on engaging professionals, both scientists and manufacturers, in existing solutions discussion, combining efforts in finding ways to increase projects efficiency, testing and transferring high technologies to the production process as not only an essential element of the demand generation system, but also one of the main components of sales promotion. The topics of presentations and a list of speakers are now being composed.

R&D Center ‘Basalt.Center‘ was established to accumulate the findings of experimental science and best practices in order to develop effective materials and solutions that will promote intensive implementation of basalt technologies in the real economy.

A printed Abstract book and an official catalogue of Forum participants can be purchased during the 2nd International Basalt Forum. Feel free to contact the organizers to get detailed information.



Companies: Basalt Center, International Basalt Forum, Moscow Polytechnic University

Industries: General society

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