Rockwool insulation included in new edition of GREEN BOOK

For the third time, ROCKWOOL materials have been included in the Green Book, a catalog of environmentally friendly building materials. This hands-on guide is created on commission from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Government of Russia.

If the building material is included into the Green Book, it proves its safety for the environment, life and health of people, animals and plants. The officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources consider this publication to be “an important tool to develop the green economy of Russia”.

The features of the products included in the catalog correspond to those specified by the manufacturer and retain properties within their operating life span. Also, buildings and structures constructed using GREEN BOOK materials are more energy efficient.

The fact that Rockwool thermal insulation was the first to achieve EcoMaterial Green certificate proves the environmental safety of this material. Moreover, all Russian factories of the company have obtained EcoMaterial Absolute, which is the highest rank in Russia for products that are ecologically clean. We witness the growth of environmental consciousness in the world that spurs the interest in developing the ecologically clean materials.  This is a hot topic the international events are devoted to, like the international conference Ecocomp, which focuses on sustainable fibers, polymers and composites.

Companies: Ecocomp

Countries: Russia

Industries: Energy, General society

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